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John Lewis Travel Insurance: Save on Travel Insurance from John Lewis - Plus 20% Online Discount

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With John Lewis Travel Insurance you can choose between several travel insurance options, including: Single Trip Travel Insurance for one-off holidays and Annual Travel Insurance if you travel more frequently.

John Lewis Travel Insurance provides a comprehensive range of standard cover for travellers and, offer three levels of travel insurance cover, namely: Essential Cover; Plus Cover; and Premier Cover - each of which offers value-for-money cover, but with the Premier Cover offering additional benefits.

John Lewis Travel Insurance customers can also save 20% on the cost of their policy by purchasing their travel insurance from John Lewis online.

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With some insurance companies you often seem to end up paying for more than you need, for options you don't want, and products that often don't seem to be quite as advertised.

With John Lewis Travel Insurance you'll get no problems like that; instead, with John Lewis Travel Insurance, you're more likely to be surprised at how much insurance cover is offered at such an affordable price.

However, while affordability is no doubt important, good customer service and the ability to easily make an insurance claim if it's necessary should also be top of your list when looking to buy Travel Insurance: we're pleased to say, however, that John Lewis Travel Insurance always rates highly on each.

So, whether you're taking a short trip or long trip; multiple trips, or just your single annual holiday, John Lewis Travel Insurance is well worth taking a look at, and we highly recommend you obtaining a free John Lewis Travel Insurance quote to compare against other travel insurance; we think you'll be glad you did!

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