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Not so long ago, only banks and traditional insurance companies offered financial or insurance products, yet today it may often seem as if even the local corner shop is offering financial products. That's not quite true, of course, but many more companies do offer financial products than used to be the case, and it can sometimes be difficult to decide who is offering the best deal.

And, while Marks & Spencer once offered mostly fashion products, with the only hint of a credit card being when you paid for your shopping at the checkout, today you'll find as good a deal on M&S credit cards as you will with the latest range of M&S fashion.

In fact, these days Marks and Spencer, through its M&S Money website, offer a range of financial products which would not look out of place in many banks, including M&S Car Insurance, M&S Home Insurance, M&S Travel Insurance, M&S Pet Insurance, savings products, M&S Credit Cards, M&S Loans, and much more besides.

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Marks & Spensers may not necessarily be the first name that springs to mind when you're thinking about renewing your Home Insurance or Car Insurance, but Marks & Spencers do indeed offer a comprehensive selection of financial products, all of which are competitively priced, and all of which you can purchase directly from the M&S Money website. With a simple, no-hassle service, you can compare features between a number of M&S Money products and competitor's products, and sign up in just a few minutes.

Whether you're looking for savings products or M&S Money loans, credit cards or Home Insurance - besides a number of other insurance products, M&S Money can save you both time and money, with comprehensive information available at a click.

Free insurance quotes are available online for all of M&S Money insurance products (Home Insurance, Car Insurance, Travel Insurance, Wedding Insurance and Pet Insurance), or you may call if you wish to on the telephone number provided. Suffice to say that there is also plenty of information which you can download for each of the Marks and Spencer insurance products in document format too.

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